Alliteration Poems

L writes an alliteration:

Lively lamps lit up the lodge
Manly Merdians murmur and mutter.
Nice knats number numbers.

Another alliteration by L


The Hippoian lives in the hilarious, hopeful, hot Holland.
A Hippoian eats ham, hamburgers, and hazelnuts.
Hippoians like hairy heirs with homemade hammocks.
Hippoians hope for hungry hounds with huge hotels.
My Hippoian hated my horse-house.

Number 1 has a little alliteration for you all:

Leila likes lollipops.

Number 1’s strikes again:

Coyotezo’s Create Clay

Coyotezo’s are cool.
They create clay.
They carve clay cats in the clay club.
Their creativity blends into clay.

My coyotezo creates clay coyotes.

Number 2 is first done today: Awesome alliterator:

Animal cracker alligator and Apple ape
Like to eat apricot and alphabet soup.

Number 3 is done with her “guess what” poem:

An Adorable Fluffy Animal

Fluffy and fuzzy and furry
The babies are cuties and adorable
And lovable and soft and smooth.

Some are scruffy.
I like adorable animals!

Mom of 3, once again dazzles us with her talents:

The ABCs of alliteration

Angela asked an alligator
“Before breakfast, bring bagels.
Come calmly cute croc.”

Abominable amphibian answered
Bravely, bashfully, blissfully
“Come closer cute child.”

Angela abided apprehensively
Boldly, bravely, but briefly.
Carnivorous croc chewed

Dear, delightful, darling… eaten.

Petra’s Poetic Party

Petra’s penguin, Plop,
had an ice cream pop.
Shipped in by shy men
At an ice cream shop.

Lolly Lemon loved to
lick her lollipop
Sixty cents savings so
she stops to shop.

Floyd fits flamingoes
into fast flip-flops.
Henry and Harold
have a habit of playing hip hop.

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By almondjoycie

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