Day 17 – Unpacking Our Adjectives with Schoolhouse Rock

Yesterday’s poetry prompt was a bit like MadLibs and made everyone think about the different types of words used to make up a poem. It’s the end of the school year, yet my kids were asking “What’s an adjective?” After I told them they are words used to describe things they instantly remembered with an “Oh yeah, I knew that.” Yet when asked to name a few they kept coming up with the same ones: shiny, fluffy, soft, and so on. I found a nice long list of adjectives for us to use and we are going to write a poem with adjectives. Don’t forget that you can also use to come up with even more specific adjectives. Today’s poem idea comes from Poetry Zone.

Poems With Adjectives

Adjectives are describing words. If I say “Tom is playing with a red ball.” then the word red describes the ball. Write a poem by repeating the first line but each time adding another adjective.

For example. 

On my way to the zoo I saw a bear.
It was a brown bear.
It was an ugly brown bear
It was a wild, ugly, brown bear
It was an angry, wild, ugly, brown bear
It was a hungry, angry, wild, ugly, brown bear
It was an escaped, hungry, angry, wild, ugly, brown bear
And it wanted to eat me!

Now it’s your turn. 

On my way to school I saw a ____________________

It was a _________________

It was a ____________________

It was a _______________________

It was a __________________________

It was a _____________________________

and it ____________________________________

Try to think of a funny last line. Try reading the poem out loud. You can make an even better poem by starting all the adjectives with the same letter! This is called alliteration. (Use a dictionary to help you find words.)
E.g. It was a big, bothersome, bouncy, beautiful, brown bear
and its name was Bartholomew.