Day 18 – Making A List and Checking It Twice Poem


Tomorrow’s prompt is coming to you early so you can take your time to prepare for it. We are going to write a list poem and I want you to think for more than a minute about what you want to say. First of all, you will need to think about what it is you will write about. My poem is going to be Things That Inspire Me. Pick a topic that you would like to think about for the rest of the day that starts with Things That…

It could be…

Things that Bug Me

Things that I must remember (mine is usually a grocery list)

Things that I wish I had

Things that I wish never happened

Things that go fast

Things that my mom says

Things that my little brother does that make me laugh

Here is a song about a list of things that you may have heard. It is called My Favorite Things and it is from the musical The Sound of Music

For the rest of the day and part of tomorrow, grab a piece of paper and a pencil the size of the ones you get when you play mini-golf and jot down anything that comes to mind for your list of “Things that…” Keep it in your pocket or just keep it handy. When you have a nice long list, sit down and write your poem.

You can write your poem in rhyme. You can write your poem as a list of phrases. You can write your poem as a Top Ten list starting at ten and ending at one with one being the top of your list.  I have written a couple list poems that you can read to get you started. The first one is actually a parody of My Favorite Things but they are my favorite things about Jordan, which is where I live. My second list poem is called Seven Things About Me and is in a poem form.

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